Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Review for 2018

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones Review for 2018

Wireless Bluetooth headphones and earphones are popular because of the convenience that they come with. After all, these do not require to stay chained to your phone while you listen to your favorite music or while you are on a call. But do they really perform on par with their wired counterparts? Take a look at our Mpow bluetooth headphones review and decide yourself!

That is a question that is tough to answer. Because there are some very good sounding wireless earphones but you might end up compromising on the battery life. And there are some great battery performers that might end up costing a whole lot more than wired earphones. This Mpow bluetooth headphones review talks about an affordable entry-level Bluetooth earphone that also promises to deliver great sound quality. Does it really keep up the promise?Mpow Jaws

If you are looking for upgrading your current Bluetooth headset then you might already have some requirements in your mind. But if you are buying your first one here are few things to consider when you shortlist your options:

  • Budget- because there are some very expensive ones as well- the question is do you really want to splurge on them or settle down for something simpler
  • Bluetooth version and the pairing features
  • Form factor- would you like in-ear earphones or headsets or neckbands
  • Purpose- for example, sports earphones for outdoor use should be waterproof and ergonomic.
  • Other features

We have taken up this Mpow bluetooth headphones review because the Mpow Jaws is something that performs fairly well in almost all the areas and acts as a perfect option for the first time buyers.

Features and specs

  • Comes in sleek black and bold purple
  • 0 noise-canceling technology to enhance sound clarity and suppress ambient noise for calls
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Battery life- up to 13 hours
  • Standby time- up to 350 hours

First impression

The design of the Mpow Jaws is something that you would be impressed with at the first sight. It features a shark-like design on the neckband and hence the name! As a perfect balance between headsets and earphones, this one comes with a flexible yet sturdy neckband to which the earphones are connected. So you get the stability without adding pressure to your ears. The earphones easily magnetically clip on to the neckband when not in use. You would find the controls located conveniently on the neckband so that you can access them with ease.Mpow bluetooth headphones review

Comfort and ease of use

When we talk about the Mpow bluetooth headphones review we definitely have to talk about the comfort that this earphone offers. One intelligent design aspect is the length of the earphones cable. This is sufficiently long so that when you move your neckband or when you access the controls you do not tug the earphones cable. But the length is a little bothersome when you have to store the earphones or when you leave them on your neck. On the whole, the neckpiece stays put and so you would not have to worry about your earphones possibly falling off. But if you are someone who wears your earphones for a long time it might be a little uncomfortable to have that rigid neckband on all the time. The earbuds feel soft and snug inside the ears and they do offer a fairly convenient fit.

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The best part about Bluetooth earphones is their portability. With most of the wireless earphones, you simply get tangle-free cables attached to the earbuds or there is the headset. Both are easy to store. But the blend of the cable and the rigid frame on this one makes it a bit tricky to store. You should exercise caution not to break the neckband and also prevent the cable from getting caught in the contents of your bag. This one thus scores close to a 50% in terms of the overall comfort and the ease of use.


While talking about the performance the strongest trait of the Mpow Jaws is definitely the battery life. After a full charge, this one easily lasts for more than 9 to 10 hours and this is not something that is easy to find in such affordable range of wireless earphones. This is equipped with hi-fidelity sound performance and it shows when you are listening to music. There is no significant improvement in the segment of treble or bass but at least you would not have to put up with flat notes as with most other earphones in this segment. The stereo effect is surely not the best in the segment but is fairly good when you listen to average volume levels.

What we liked the most about the Mpow Jaws

  • The noise canceling feature really works like a charm. We were able to complete a call without any trouble even in a noisy outdoor situation. And the microphone was also able to pick up the voice without a trouble.
  • Mpow bluetooth headphones reviews from the customers are also mostly positive. In terms of performance, this one is not the best. But the call clarity is pretty good.
  • The controls are easy to access and spaced out well
  • The neckband is lightweight

What we did not like

  • The microphone on this one is quite sensitive. But the positioning of the microphone is something we did not like much. We accidentally ended up covering the microphone a lot of times thus breaking the voice.
  • The neckband was a little obstructive while moving around.
  • Noice cancelation
  • Sound clarity
  • Easy to use controls
  • Sensitive microphone
  • Obstructive neckband

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Mpow bluetooth headphones review – the final verdict

There are a lot of things we liked about the Mpow Jaws and these outweigh the design flaws we were disappointed with. This is not going to blow your mind away with stunning performance or endless features. But as a budget-friendly pair of Bluetooth earphones, this one does its job very well. The Bluetooth connectivity is quick and consistent. We had no failed attempts or drop outs while trying to get the earphones connected to the devices. If you are looking for athletic performance this one might not be the best option. But in general when you would like to grab your earphones for your travel or for your workday you can surely rely on the Mpow Jaws.